Know the SEO (Search engine Optimization) in 2021-2022

If you are a blogger and your mind is stucked with SEO. Than you are at the right place.

Every blogger works for SEO friendly content creation. But do you really know the actual meaning of SEO.

Search engine optimization | seo full form 2021

I know you will say that ” sir SEO means Search engine optimization”. But here i am talking about the basic concept of SEO.

So here we will understand the SEO concept and strategy to optimize it for search engine.

Understand the SEO

We all know that SEO is Search engine Optimization. But do we know how it works.

Let me explain with an example.

When you go to a new place or city and enquire for an good hotel to someone. Than usually people will refer you few hotels which have good reviews and services.

So in this case you are an organic traffic for the hotels which are popular in that area. and the process through which they gain the popularity among the people is called optimization.

Here we work on internet which are governed with search engines. So when we produce a highly quality content which is referred to internet users by search engine is called SEO or search engine optimization.

In simple word , we can say SEO (search engine Optimization) is the process to rank the quality content in search results by search engines.

Factors Affecting SEO

Now come back again to the previous example of hotel. So people refer to for only those hotels which have good reviews, quality services and guest friendly.

So the question is why some hotels are not referred by the people ?

The answer is simple , because of low quality service, bad reviews , bad food services etc.

The similar things happen in the process of SEO. When you write an original , unique and high quality content on you blog or website, it grabs the attention of search engines.

So in nut shell we can list the following factors which are important for SEO:

  • Original or Unique content
  • High quality content
  • Good or valuable content
  • Engagement to the Reader or visitor
  • Cover all FAQs of visitors

Now when you create a content , you must take care of the above point for best SEO.

Original or Unique content – if your post or article has unique or orginal content, than it is high probability to rank at no 1 on search engines. Because search engines easily find the relevant answer in unique content.

High quality content – Your blog post will be more helpful for the people, if it has high quality and informative content.

Good or Valuable content – When your article has single amount of valuable content for people, it will rank automatically on search engines. So try to add some valuable content for better SEO practices.

Engagement to Readers – When a visitor come to your blog post and return back in just 2 seconds, it is not good for your blog. Search engine count and analyze every second of visitors. If visitor spends more time on your time , it gives a message of higher engagement of readers with your site or blog post to search engine.

Cover of all FAQs – Suppose you are reading a book which have all the answers related to all your findings or questions. Than you will surely like the book.

The similar thing happens with blog post or content, if your post or article has complete information with all the answers to visitors. It will gives a positive message to search engine and help more for search engine optimization.

Types of SEO

When you in depth , you will find two types of SEO . One is on page SEO and second is off page SEO.

On page SEO means optimizing the content and website for better search results. Like making quality content, image optimization, internal linking, optimizing target keywords in content, site structure, speed optimization etc.

While if we talk about off page SEO, it means optimization of website or content indirectly like link building, social media sharing , brand enhancement etc.

So i think you have understand the basic concept of SEO in blogging.

Tell me in the comment box if i had left any point. Or you can add some values to the post. Thanks

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