If you are looking for best pulse oximeter in India, you should have a look on Dr Trust pulse oximeter.

In the time of corona pandemic around the world, going outside or hospital for pulse rate, respiratory rate measurement can be very risky. You can be affected with corona virus or any other diseases.

So you need small technology gadgets and devices to measure your respiratory rate, pulse rate and oxygen level at home.

Dr trust pulse oximeter is such a device which allows you to take health check up at home.

dr trust pulse oximeter price

DR TRUST Pulse oximeter 210 Features and specifications

Get Accurate information – Dr trust pulse oximeter provides your blood oxygen saturation level (SPO2), Perfusion Index, pulse rate, respiratory rate, and pulse bar graph accurately.

This oximeter is designed with multi directional OLED screen display with large font size. Large screen helps you to read the measurement parameters accurately. The screen also has function of auto rotation so that you can take the measurement from any side.

The Dr trust oximeter comes with water resistant body. The body is not water proof, means it can withstand accidental splash of water only.

The oximeter has low perfusion index feature, means it can detect weakest of pulse strength.

The Dr trust oximeter comes with anti motion artifact feature which provides stability against motion during measurement.

Dr trust pulse oximeter price in India 2021

Dr Trust Pulse oximeter 210 price 2021

The price of Dr trust pulse oximeter 210 is Rs 4750 in India. But Amazon is providing up to 50% discount on Dr trust pulse oximeter.

FAQs about Pulse Oximeter

What is the best home pulse oximeter ?

Ans – The best home pulse oximeter is the device which measure oxygen level with high level of accuracy.

What is nromal PR BPM in Oximeter ?

Ans – The normal PR BPM in oximeter is 70 to 100 bpm for heart. Pulse Oximeter nomal range is 95-100%. So value under 90% is low and it indicates that there is need of supplement oxygen.



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