As we know corona virus has emerged as threat to health across the world. People are dying due to the virus.

In the time of this pendamic disease, everyone want to stay safe from corona virus infections.

For safety precautions, people are seeking for immunity boosters to increase their body immunity system against the Corona.

In many countries, lockdown emerged as the best solution to break the chain of covid 19. And many countries like India have started the vaccination programs to save the people.

Now the question is how can we save ourself from the coronavirus at home.

We all know that social distancing , face mask and hand sanitization is the best way to fight corona. But there are still some tools available in the market which can help you to fight coronavirus.

Here we are going to discuss about some equipments and tools to fight corona.

Digital infrared Thermometer

If you are feeling sick and have fever, than thermometer is the important toold to measure the level of fever.

We all have physical contact thermometer at home , but it should be used for corona patents at home. Because it can affect the other family member.

So infrared thermometer is a very good tool to track the body temperature without contacting the body of people.

digital infrared thermometer for covid19


Steam is a very good weapon against corona virus as it prevent virus to infact our lung system.

Doctors are also recommending to take steam everyday as home remedies. Because steamed water has high temperature and it can reach deep inside in nose and lung system. So it has high effectiveness to kill corona virus than any other remedies.

steamer best to fight covid19

Pulse Oximeter

In second wave of corona virus , many people are dying due to decrease in oxygen level. Decrease in oxygen level is caused by lung infection.

So it become important to track blood oxygen level in our body while fighting with corona. In general we used to go to hospitals or clinics for checking oxygen level,which is very costly and time consuming.

So Pulse oximeter is such a tool which we should have at our home. With help of pulse oximeter we can track our oxygen level in our blood and count pulse.

dr trust pulse oximeter to fight covid19

N95 face mask

In the time of covid 19 , face mask emerged as greatest tool to save us from corona virus. But as per doctors , N95 or surgical masks should be used for better safety.

Now a day people are using fancy or cloth masks like fashion which is not an effective tool to fight corona.

We should use N95 mask or surgical mask for our safety and avoid cloth mask. Cloth mask can help you to prevent from ordinary virus bacteria or dust but to prevent yourself from covid19 , it is not effective.



Demand of sanitizers has suddenly increased after covid 19. Now people are more aware about sanitizing hands at public places, market, offices and home.

We should use a good quality and effective sanitizer in daily use. By using sanitizer regularly, you can save yourself from corona virus.

best things to fight covid19 (corona virus)

PPE KIT (Personal protective equipment)

If you works at health institution or public dealing institutions , than it become important for you to protect the whole body from the COVID 19 infections. For that PPE kits are available in the market.

India become the great manufacturing hub for PPE kit after COVID19. Now many companies are manufacturing the PPE Kits at broad level and expanded their business.

Wearing PPE Kit during work is not an easy task but it can save your life. You can reduce the chances to be affected with corona virus after wearing PPE Kit.

PPE KITS Best things to fight corona viruses

If you like al, these information , share your view in comment box.


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