How to write a SEO Blog Post in 2022 |7th One is Very Important for SEO

If you have started a blog and still searching for how to write a SEO blog post than this post is for you.

I know you are thinking that we are in 2021, and i am talking about SEO in 2022.

Actually blogging is a race of keywords, here only those blog will win who write blog post with proper SEO technique and upcoming trends.

So i am writing here about the SEO in 2022. Because i want to win the race of keyword “SEO” in 2022.

Before we start, if you don’t know about SEO than just read my article “Know the SEO“.

Now i think you know well about SEO (search engine Optimization).


How to do SEO in blog post ?

Writing a blog post is easy but writing with SEO strategy is not so easy. Here i am explaining about some strategy to write a SEO blog post in 2022.

To write a SEO blog you should do these following things,

  • Find future keywords or upcoming keyword
  • Write eye-catching Heading
  • Do proper H2 and H3 Heading
  • Form of Sentence
  • Keyword density
  • Image optimization
  • FAQs

Find future keyword or Upcoming keywords

We all know blogging has emerged as good career options and there are lots of pro blogger available in the market. So it is hard for new bloggers to rank their post on search engine and get traffic.

Without traffic there is no value of your blog.

So a new blogger should focus on future or upcoming keyword.

Let’s take example of this post, you can see i am targeting the keyword “How to write SEO blog post in 2022”.

I could write “2021”, but i know it will very hard to rank at present time. But in 2022, i know this post will be in first page of search engine.

Actually search engine like new or fresh content. When you work on the content which is already available than it is very hard to rank. But when you write about low competitive and fresh keyword than your post will rank on 1st page.

So be prepare for future. I know it will take a lot of patience for you but believe me at that time you will be winner.

For example, Electric vehicles are the next revolution and you can target the niche.

When you find the right keyword, make a keyword research on Semrush , Ahreaf or Google keyword planner.

Write Eye catching Heading

When you go to market or shopping mall, you will find some shops or showroom with special and attractive design. And people usually explore their shops or showroom.

The similar thing happens in blogging. If you put your heading with a lot creativity and curiosity, people will surely come to your blog.

For example , if you are writing about any online earning methods than put your title as “Checkout these five methods of Online earning, 4th one is awesome’.

So when people will see the heading they come to your site to explore the 4th one.

But remember , your heading should be as short as to pay attention of people.

Do proper H2 and H3 Heading or Subheadings

While writing a blog post, dividing your content with subheading is very important.

For writing sub heading, there are various heading options available in blogging.

You should write your target keyword in H2 and H3 headings. But there is also some rules of SEO in putting H2 and H3 headings.

As per the Yoast SEO, H2 and H3 heading should not have your target keyphrase more than 75%.

So in that case you should write subheading smartly with covering your target keyword.

Form of Sentence

As i mentioned earlier, search engines usually like the fresh content. Means if you are writing the content with past or perfect tense, it will not work well from the SEO point of view.

If you analyze the writing style of pro blogger like Neil Patel , you will find that they use their content in present form with lack of passive sentences . And they write their article with short sentences or paragraphs.

So to rank your article, you should write you sentences in present form and avoid writing sentences in passive voice.

The another things you should remember is to use short form of sentences. Because people usually ignore or avoid to read large sentences or paragraphs.

Keyword Density

Keyword density is occurrence of your target keyword in whole content. It is measures as ratio or percentage of overall word count in content or blog post.

Keyword density is an important part of Search engine optimization. When you are writing a blog post , then you should keep in mind that your target keyword should be optimize in the content.

Now the question is “What is the right Keyword Density for good SEO?”

So basically keyword density depends upon the word count in your post or content.

If i talk about the thumb formula, keyword density should not be more than 20% of total word count for ideal SEO.

It means when your are writing a blog post with 500 words than your target keyword should appear 8-10 times in your content.

If you make keyword density more than 20% than it is called over optimization. Search engine will not like to rank you over optimized content.

Image Optimization

Image optimization also plays an important role to rank your content.

You can that when we search about any topic on google search engine, it shows results in form of images, articles and video.

So it shows only those images which have been defined as our search keyword.

When we upload an image in our blog post without optimization , than search engine doesn’t able to understand the subject of image.

So defining images in blog is as necessary as keyword density.

To optimize the image, you should write ALT -Text in images with your target keyword.

Alt text help to identify the images to search engine.

And one thing is also important, you should upload the compressed images in your blog post. Because compressed images help to reduce the upload time of website.


Are you aware about Google snippet ?

Actually Google snippet is feature of search engine, which help user to find the answer quickly.

For an example , when you ask google about “mileage of Hyundai i20”. It will directly show the answer at top from the well optimized and to the point content.


So basically Google crawl the blog posts or content and put the answer directly in front of user.

I know this feature is affecting the website traffic adversely. But we have to think and plan our SEO strategy according to search engines.

So what you have to do, is to explore the all questions related to target keyword and cover in your blog post as it is.

You can use any WordPress plugin or Yoast FAQ plugin feature for that.

Just put the questions and answer them in your content. So that search engine can find your content relevant and useful for the users.


Guys , Search engines are the examiners and we are students. We have to create our blog post in such a way that search engine like our content and provide a good rank to it.

SEO method are changing year by year. The upcoming time is voice commend, so we should prepare to optimize our content for voice search.

IN the end i would like to suggest only one thing to new blogger g” Focus on future, work for Future”.

What you think about the SEO,comment in the box.


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