What to do if You Lost Your Job Due to COVID-19

In addition to your physical safety, COVID-19 has made many question their job security. Quarantines and social distancing have affected the jobs of thousands of people across the globe. Millions of people around the world have lost their job and their income, and find themselves in an extremely precarious situation. If you are one of these people, know that you are not alone. 

The setback caused by losing a job is a significant hardship for any person. This hardship compounds because the recently-jobless are all looking for jobs simultaneously, increasing the difficulty of landing an interview. One way to increase your chance of gaining employment is to build new skills. Skills in a field that is in demand are less likely to face job shortages in future crises. Use your time now to build in-demand skills that could help you land your dream job. 

What Jobs Are in Demand?

Many jobs are growing and continually looking for employees; most of those are in tech fields. Our dependency on technology is ever-increasing and the tech sector is booming. In fact, tech has been one of the few industries that has continued to thrive during the pandemic. 

Entrepreneurs are finding new ways to use technology by the day. These advances are happening rapidly because more people are gaining the skills to work for start-ups and major tech companies. Not only are these jobs in demand, but they are also looking for new talent from forward-thinking professionals like you. If you are eyeing a career switch to future-proof your livelihood, you simply can do no better than tech. This sector offers some of the highest salaries out there together with attractive perks like the possibility to work remotely.

What if You Don’t Have a Tech Background?

Contrary to popular belief, it is not required to have a degree in computer science or information technology to achieve a high-paying tech job. Well, if you don’t get a degree, how will you obtain the skills to be able to perform such professions? The solution comes in the form of bootcamps. 

Bootcamps are a method of quickly building skills that are attractive to employers. Tech bootcamps come with a variety of options. Online or in-person, fast, or self-paced, there is a bootcamp that will fit all of your needs. 

If you are experiencing joblessness, it could be the perfect opportunity to use your working hours to build a new skill for a career that could potentially increase your income.

How to Pick a Coding Bootcamp

Okay, you decided a bootcamp would be a worthwhile pursuit, but which one do you pick? Before you choose which bootcamp is the best fit, you must select a career path. In tech, the possibilities are almost endless. 

General Assembly

A bootcamp that offers a diverse set of career paths is General Assembly. General Assembly students can take a plethora of courses ranging from data analytics to UI/UX design. Available in major cities across the country and online, General Assembly is an excellent option for those looking to start their careers in tech.

One of the perks of General Assembly is their hiring partners, which includes high-profile companies such as Google and Microsoft. They also provide flexibility to learners in all situations. You can attend full-time, part-time, or even at your own pace. 


Springboard is another fantastic option if part-time or self-paced options are appealing to your current lifestyle. Their programs last six to nine months. They even offer a job guarantee. In addition to the job guarantee, Springboard also provides mentorship from a professional in your field. 

Both of these bootcamps are fantastic ways to kickstart your education. They offer a way to get the necessary background to land jobs at tech companies around the world without having to get a traditional degree from a college or university. 

Coding Bootcamp Costs

It is understandable if losing your job has put you in a precarious financial situation. Both of the mentioned bootcamps have flexible payment options, but there are free options as well. 

One thing the Internet is useful for is offering quality free content. Learning to code is no exception. There are numerous free coding courses available. These courses provide thousands of hours of free educational content. They can be a great resource, but lack some of the supports that bootcamps provide. They might be worth checking out before pursuing a bootcamp with tuition. 

Down, But Not Out

Losing your job is tough, but sometimes unforeseen obstacles can become a blessing in disguise. We don’t have to be the victims of a crisis out of our control, but we can use it for motivation to launch our career to new heights. Bootcamps, in any setting, are an invaluable resource to go from non-technical to an employed tech worker.

Written by Artur Meyster

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