How to Create YouTube Channel and Make Money Online in 2022

The time has been gone when you have to do job to earn money. We are living in digital world where you can make money online in 2022 through various ways.

There are a lot of online platforms and methods available , which can help you to make money online.

In online platform , blogger, wordpress , Facebook , Instagram, Youtube , Tik Tok , Twitter , Koo etc are available as an source.

But if you talk about methods for online earning or make money online , Blogging , freelancing and vlogging are the options for you.

Many people are earning a lot of million Dollars through these platform and methods.

Youtube is such a online platform where you can make money online by showing your creativity, knowledge and talent to the world.

If you checkout the popular YouTube channels like Carry Minati , Ashish Chanchlani , AK Motivation, Ryan Kajji , technical Guruji etc , they are making million dollar per month with showing their talent and creativity to the world.

So before starting YouTube channel , Just explore yourself , what talent or passion you have to show the world. Or you can also share knowledge by teaching people.


You know as per survey approximately more than 90% of internet user used to watch YouTube to watch for any informative video or desired content. So You can consider YouTube to make money online in 2022.

You can make YouTube channel on comedy, technology or gadget review , automobile reviews , art making, fact knowledge sharing , cooking, dance , music teaching and competition exam preparation channel etc .

So to make money on YouTube , you only need one thing is creativity with passion.

How to create YouTube Channel in 2022

Creating a YouTube Channel is as easy as making an email account. To make a YouTube channels just follow these simple steps as below :

  • Just Go to and Sign in with Your Google or Gmail account. If you don’t have Gmail Account click here.
  • After log in on YouTube, Click on Right Top profile icon, where you will see the option of “Create a Channel”. Just Click on the it.
  • Now you will have to enter the name of Channel . You can costume the channel name as per your requirement.
  • After that Fill all the details like Channel Name , Set Profile picture, Channel Description , website (if you have ), link your Social media account line Facebook , Instagram etc .
  • And Your Channel gets starts here.

Now you can upload Videos by just clicking on the upload Video Icon.

But the journey starts here, only Uploading the Video is not sufficient , you will need to do proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your channel.

How to Do SEO in YouTube

First of all , if you don’t know about SEO , than checkout my post about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

There are two way to reach out the audience in internet world, first is paid promotion or marketing and second one is search engine optimization (SEO).

Now understand the difference between these two, in first one you have to push your content to the target user while in second one, your target user comes to you automatically.

So making your content SEO friendly is very important to grow your channel.

SEO is not a rocket science, it is as simple as making tea.

YouTube require small effort for SEO than blogging . So it is easy to viral your video with simple SEO inputs.

Let me clarify you about SEO , SEO is the process to define your content to search engines with specific or target keywords.

For example, if you are making a video on How to make Lemon tea , than obviously you are making the video for the user who is seeking for the Lemon tea making methods.

So while uploading the video on YouTube , just follow these simple SEO steps :

  • Step 1: Just Type your Target keyword in the search console of Google or YouTube , it will automatically show you the list of similar keywords which are searched by people around the world related to your Video . (see image below )
  • Step 2: After step 1, write the Title of your Video with including the keywords as suggested by Google or YouTube search console in step 1.
  • Step 3: Write the description of video including the suggested or target keywords. Also add hashtags related to target keywords. For better SEO , You should describe the content in more than 300 words with linking your other videos.
  • Step 4: Set the location , to identify your Video to YouTube search engine about target country or region.
  • Step 5: Add Tags in the Video. You will find the Add tag options when to click on Show more options after age restriction options. You should add the tags related your target keywords or niche with comma after each tag. Adding tag is an important part of SEO in YouTube.

Remember the one thing, SEO is the game of Keywords.

I think when you will follow these steps , your video will definitely reach to your target audience.

For SEO help in YouTube, you can checkout TubeBuddy or contact me.

How to Make Money on YouTube in 2022

Now after creating channel and uploading few videos , the common question that people will ask you ” How much money you are making on YouTube?”.

And this question demotivate the creator frequently when they doesn’t make a the decent amount.

But believe me , you can earn millions of dollars with your channel.

But to earn that amount , you will have to believe yourself and create quality and unique content for the world.

Here i am sharing the basic simple concept on How to make money online on YouTube.

To earn money online on YouTube , you will need three things first quality and valuable content, second good subscriber base and third is people engagement.

People earn money on YouTube though Google ad sense , sponsored content, affiliate marketing and paid review.

To earn good amount of money from Adsense , you should have high watch time or views while to earn from sponsorship or paid content, you should have good subscriber base.

More subscriber you have , more earning from sponsorship or paid review.

Now talk about affiliate marketing , it is the most popular way of earning method in present day.

With affiliate marketing you can earn high amount with even low views.

Affiliate marketing means , earn money by promoting other’s product on your digital platform.

There are many affiliate programs available as per your selected niche i,e clickbank , share a sale , amazon, flipkar, etc .

In my next article , i will talk about What is Affiliate marketing and how to make money from it.

So i think, you have understand the concept of making money on YouTube.

Comment me and share your views.

Cheers !

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