How to make money online for Free in 2022-2023

Before starting the talk on How to make money Online for Free , i just want to ask you a simple question ” How much your mind is prepared to make money online?

Just skip reading this post for 30 second , and ask this question to yourself. Because your mindset towards making money online will help you to get the goal.

Now tell me just one more things “Is there anythings available for free on our Earth , expect air and water?”

The answer is “no” . So in the end , you can’t make money money online for free.

My purpose is not to demotivate you . I just want to show you the reality about the making money.

So what will you have to pay to make money online?


My answer to this question is , to make money online you have to pay your time in term of effort in right directions.

You efforts for learning and skill enhancement will help you to make rich amount of money online.

In the above line , i have mentioned the word ” Efforts in Right directions”. Which means when you jump into the online world , you will face several difficulties and multiple platforms for guidance, but choosing the right one is very important. Because a wrong step can loose your hope towards make money online.

When i had started my blogging journey in 2017 , i used to watch countless videos about blogging. Many of the help me to start my journey and many of them were waste of time due to false and wrong information.

By the way , waste of time with wrong information was also a good learning.

As you know the internet users are increasing day by day , and the opportunities to make money online in 2022 are also increasing.

But with increasing the opportunities, competition is also increasing.

So to win the race , you have to work very hard to update yourself with latest knowledge and information in this digital world.

Now moving to the next , i just want to share the methods to make money online for free in 2022-2023.

There are many methods available to make money online , but the popular methods are following:

Method to make money online in 2022-2023Short Description 
Blogging Sharing information and Knowledge through website or any other digital platform 
Vlogging Creating and sharing information in form of video 
Freelancing Make online bid for works or project as per your skills and get paid for work done 
Affiliate marketing Share and promote other’s product and earn commision 
Digital Marketing Do marketing for brands and companies to get leads and make sell for the company 


Blogging has emerged as great career options with excellent source to make money online.

Blogging is just sharing your knowledge , thoughts and information through website.

I know your are thinking that how can we make money through blogging ?

So in blogging you can make money by ad-sense, paid post or review, sponsored reviews and native advertisement on your blog or website.

You can start blogging by following these few steps :

  • Identify and choose the niche as per your area of interest. (Read here to know how to select best Niche for Blogging ).
  • Buy or register Domain as per SEO .
  • Create Website or design platform on Blogger or WordPress.
  • Write Blog post and publish them.
  • Share your Post on Social media.

To make money through blogging , you just need to keep patients and hard work. Just write and share original and quality content to the world.

Money will automatically comes to you with increasing traffic and user engagement to your blog.

Vlogging (Video making) or YouTube

Everyone watch video content on YouTube or other video blogging platform, But do you know that you can make money online through Video making.

Yes, sharing knowledge , information and creativity in form of Video is called Vlogging.

Internet users are growing continuously year by year and most of them consume their data in form of Video for information, entertainment and knowledge.

So there are a lot of opportunity for you to create unique , informative and entertaining video for the world.

You can start YouTube channel and share video for the world.

You can make money by Advertisement , sponsored video , or paid review of any product. You earning will be depend upon the subscribers , user engagement and Niche.

So in YouTube , to make money online, You just need to create the content that engage your audience with you. Higher engagement will automatically help to grow more subscriber base in your channel.

More Subscriber, more authority, more views and more money.


Freelancing has emerged as good earning source for many skilled persons around the world. In freelancing you can make your own identity with your specialized skill around the world.

Suppose A guy have started blogging, but he/she needs a web developer , SEO master and content creator.

So freelancing is a platform through which he/she can reach out to desired person who can make website , do SEO and create content without moving outside from his/her house.

To start freelancing , you just need to signup at some websites like Freelancer, upwork, fiver etc.

Now to get assignment , you just need to make authority on your profile. And for that you can create some samples of your great works and add them to your profile.

In Freelancing , you can make thousand dollars per month with your skills and talent.

It works on simple rule, skill enhancement , fine work with quality output on time and build authority.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online in present day.

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting and selling other’s product and earn commission.

So basically ,there are three components in affiliate marketing , seller , Affiliater and buyer.

Affiliater works as a promoter of the product . And they earn commission on every sell they make through their unique link.

In affiliate marketing, people are earning millions of dollars by promoting digital or physical products.

There are various mathods to do affìliate marketing , but the best methods are blogging, YouTube channel , email marketing and social media sharing.

Example of one such program is Accuweb Affiliate program in which you can earn up to $200 per sale.

Digital Marketing

With increasing the online sales , digital marketing has been emerged as great tool to connect with right customer and increase sales.

In present time , almost all companies are adopting the digital marketing for their business.

So by learning Digital Marketing, you can open the doors for new opportunities in your career.

Digital marketing is the process to connect right product to right people through digital means like social media, SEO, website , email and mobile app etc.

The basis of digital marketing is keyword research and SEO. (Know SEO)

Once you learn the digital marketing , you can earn huge amount of money through freelancing for companies.

I think , now you can understand the ways through which you can make money online. And all the ways needs only two things , hard work and learning the process.

Waiting for you response .

Cheers !


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