Nokia Mobile Price in India 2022 |Latest Nokia mobile price

If you are planning to buy Nokia Smartphone , than you should check here the latest Nokia mobile price in India in 2021-2022.

Nokia Mobile is known for it’s durable body design, good camera and long lasting battery features.

In smartphone category, Nokia mobile price is starts Rs 5,999 in India for Nokia C01 Model.

In this October 2021, the latest Nokia smartphone is Nokia XR20, which comes with 6GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage.

Nokia smartphone are available in 2GB, 3GB , 4GB and 6GB RAM options. In smartphone , Nokia mobiles are powered by Android and Media Tek processor..

Nokia Mobile price in India (2022-2023)

Model Feature Price (in Rs )
Nokia XR206GB RAM +128 GB Storage Rs 46,999
Nokia C01 Plus 2GB RAM + 16 GB Storage  Rs 5,999
Nokia C20 Plus 2GB RAM +32 GB Storage Rs 8,999
Nokia C20 Plus 3GB RAM +32 GB Storage Rs 9,999
Nokia C32GB RAM + 16 GB Storage  Rs 6,999
Nokia 2.32GB RAM +32 GB Storage Rs 8,999
Nokia 2.43GB +64 GB Storage Rs 10,399
Nokia 3.44GB +64 GB Storage Rs 11,499
Nokia 5.44GB +64 GB Storage Rs 12,999
Nokia 5.44GB +64 GB Storage Rs 14,499
Nokia 5.34GB +64 GB Storage Rs 13,999
Nokia 5.36GB+ 64 GB Storage Rs 15,499
Nokia G104GB +64 GB Storage Rs 12,149
Nokia G204GB +64 GB Storage Rs 13,499
Price may change with time and offer , Check latest updated price from below button

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