VIVO Mobile Price in India With Best Offer 2022| VIVO Smartphone Price in India

If you are planning to buy VIVO smartphone , than surely you are also looking for VIVO Mobile price in India with best offer (2021-2022).

VIVO mobile phones are available in wide range of variants as X Series, Y series, Z series , S series and V series.

You will get variety of features in VIVO mobile phone series as per your budget and requirement.

If we talk about the price range , VIVO mobiles are available in price range of Rs 8000 to 1 Lakh as per customer requirements. VIVO X series is defined for Premium customers while V series is designed for mid budget range with good camera quality and battery performance.

If You need budget smartphone below 20000 , than VIVO Y series for you.

VIVO X Series Mobile Price in India (2021-2022)

Model VariantPrice (in Rs ) 2021-2022
Vivo X70 Pro Plus 12GB+256GB Rs 79,990
Vivo X70 Pro 8GB +128GB Rs 46,990
Vivo X70 Pro 8GB +256 GB Rs 49,990
Vivo X70 Pro 12GB +256GBRs 52,990
VIVO X60 Pro+ 5G 12GB +256GBRs 69,990
VIVO X60 Pro  5G12GB+ 256 GBRs 49,990
VIVO X60 5G8GB+ 128 GB Rs 34,990
VIVO X60 5G12GB+256 GBRs 39,990
VIVO X508GB+ 128 GB Rs 34,990
VIVO X508GB+256 GB Rs 37,990
VIVO  X50 Pro 8GB+256 GB Rs 49,990
VIVO X216GB+128 GB Rs 36,990

VIVO V Series mobile Price in India 2021-2022

Model VariantPrice (in Rs)
V23 Pro 8GB+128 GB Rs 38,990
V23 Pro 12GB+256 GB Rs 43,990
V23 Pro 12GB+256 GB Rs 34,990
V23 5G 8GB+128GB Rs 29,990
V21e 5G 8GB+128GBRs 24,990
V21 5G 8GB+128GBRs 29,990
V21 5G 8GB+256GBRs 32,990
V20 Pro 5G8GB+128GBRs 29,990
V20 SE8GB+128GBRs 19,990
V208GB+128GBRs 22,990
V198GB+128GBRs 24,990
V198GB+256GBRs 27,990

VIVO Y Series Mobile Price in India 2021-2022

Model VariantPrice (in Rs)
VIVO Y72 5G8GB+128 GB Rs 20,990
VIVO Y738GB+128GBRs 20,990
Vivo Y33s8GB+128 GB Rs 17,990
Vivo Y214GB+64 GBRs 13,990
Vivo Y214GB+128GBRs 15,490
Vivo Y20A3GB +64 GB Rs 11,990
Vivo Y20G 4GB+64 GB Rs 13,990
VIVO Y12G3GB +32 GB Rs 10,990
VIVO Y12G3GB +64 GB Rs 11,990
Vivo Y73 8GB+128GBRs 20,990
VIVO Y1s3GB +32 GB Rs 9,490
VIVO Y51A 6GB+128GBRs 16,990
VIVO Y51A 8GB+128GBRs 17,990
VIVO 53s8GB+128GBRs 19,490

VIVO S Series mobile Price in India 2021-2022

Model VariantPrice (in Rs)
VIVO S1 Pro 8GB +128 GB Rs 20,990
VIVO S14GB+64 GBRs 14,990
VIVO S16GB+128 GBRs 16,990

VIVO Z Series Mobile Price in India 2021-2022

Model VariantPrice (in Rs)
VIVO Z1X 6GB +64GB Rs 14,990
VIVO Z1X 6GB+128GB Rs 16,990
VIVO Z1X 4GB+128GBRs 14,990
VIVO Z1X 8GB+128GBRs 16,990
VIVO Z1 Pro 4GB+64GBRs 12,990
VIVO Z1 Pro 6GB+64GBRs 13,990
VIVO Z1 Pro 6GB+128GBRs 14,990

VIVO NEX Mobile Price in India 2021-2022

Model VariantPrice (in Rs)
VIVO NEX 8GB +128 GB Rs 21,990

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