Realme mobile Price in India 2021-2022| Realme Smartphone Price with Best Offer (March update)

If you are looking for Realme mobile price in India (2021-2022), than you are at right place.

Realme mobile Phones are available in wide budget range from Rs 7000 to 50000 in India as per customer requirements.

When you look for budget smartphone in India with best camera features and battery performance, Realme smartphones are there in the market.

Realme mobile phones are available in different variant series as 8 series, C series , GT Series , 7 series , 6 series , 5 series and X Series with all price range smartphone models.

Most of the Realme mobile phones comes in price range of RS 10000 to rs 20000, which is most required in Indian market.

Checkout here the latest and best price list of Realme mobiles in India for 2021-2022. (Note : Price may change with offer , so please check latest price from below provided links before purchase.)

Realme 9 5G Series Mobile price in India 2022

realme-9pro-5g -price
Realme 9 Pro+ 5G8GB +256GBRs 28,999
Realme 9 Pro+ 5G8GB+128GBRs 26,999
Realme 9Pro+5G6GB+ 128 GB Rs 24,999
Realme 9Pro 5G8GB+128GBRs 20,999
Realme 9Pro 5G6GB+128GBRs 17,999
Realme 9i6GB+128GBRs 15,999
Realme 9i4GB+128 GB Rs 13,999

Realme 8 series mobile price in India 2021-2022

ModelVariant Price (in Rs )
realme 8s 5G6GB+128GB Rs 17,999
realme 8s 5G8GB+128GB Rs 19,999
realme 8i 4GB+64GB Rs 13,499
realme 8i 6GB+128GB Rs 15,499
realme 8 5G 4GB+64GB Rs 15,499
realme 8 5G 4GB+128GB Rs 16,499
realme 8 5G 8GB+128GB Rs 18,499
realme 84GB+128GB Rs 15,999
realme 86GB+128GB Rs 16,999
realme 88GB+128GB Rs 17,999
realme 8 Pro 6GB+128GB Rs 17,999
realme 8 Pro 8GB+128GB Rs 19,999

Realme C Series mobile Price in India 2021-2022 (March Update)

realme-c- series-mobile-price-in-Inida-2021-2022
ModelVariant Price (in Rs )
realme C25Y6GB+128GB Rs 17,999
realme C25Y8GB+128GB Rs 19,999
realme C21-Y3GB+32GB Rs 8,499
realme C21-Y4GB+64GB Rs 8,999
realme C112GB+32GB Rs 6,799
realme C114GB+64GB Rs 8,299
realme C25s4GB+64GB Rs 10,999
realme C25s4GB+128GB Rs 11999
realme C254GB+64GB Rs 9,999
realme C254GB+128GB Rs 10,999
realme C213GB+32GB Rs 8,999
realme C214GB+64GB Rs 9,999
realme C20 2GB+32GB Rs 7,499

Realme GT Series mobile Price in India 2021-2022

ModelVariant Price (in Rs )
realme GT 5G8GB+128GB Rs 35,999
realme GT Master Edition6GB+128GB Rs 25,999
realme GT Master Edition8GB+128GB Rs 27,999
realme GT Master Edition8GB+256GB Rs 29,999

Realme 7 Series mobile price in India 2021-2022

ModelVariant Price (in Rs )
realme 7i4GB+64GB Rs 11,999
realme 7i4GB+128GB Rs 12,999
realme 7 Pro6GB+128GB Rs 19,999
realme 7 Pro8GB+128GB Rs 21,999
realme 76GB+64GB Rs 14,999
realme 78GB+128GB Rs 16,999

Realme 6 Series Mobile Price in India 2021-2022

ModelVariant Price (in Rs )
realme 6 Pro6GB+64GB Rs 17,999
realme 6 Pro6GB+128GB Rs 18,999
realme 6 Pro8GB+128GB Rs 19,999

Realme 5 Series Mobile Price in India 2021-2022

ModelVariant Price (in Rs )
realme 5 Pro6GB+64GB Rs 14,999
realme 5 Pro8GB+128GB Rs 16,999

Realme X Series Mobile Price in India 2021-2022

ModelVariant Price (in Rs )
realme X7 Max 5G8GB+128GB Rs 26,999
realme X7 Max 5G12GB+256GB Rs 29,999
realme X7 5G6GB+128GB Rs 19,999
realme X7 5G8GB+128GB Rs 21,999
realme X7 Pro 5G8GB+128GB Rs 27,999
realme X3 SuperZoom8GB+128GB Rs 27,999
realme X3 SuperZoom8GB+256GB Rs 29,999
realme X3 SuperZoom12GB+256GB Rs 32,999
realme X3 6GB+128GB Rs 24,999
realme X3 8GB+128GB Rs 25,999
realme X24GB+64GB Rs 17,999
realme X26GB+128GB Rs 19,999
realme X28GB+128GB Rs 20,999
realme X28GB+256GB Rs 22,999
realme X2 Pro6GB+64GB Rs 29,999
realme X2 Pro8GB+128GB Rs 31,999
realme X2 Pro12GB+256GB Rs 35,999
realme XT4GB+64GB Rs 16,999
realme XT6GB+64GB Rs 17,999
realme XT8GB+128GB Rs 19,999

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