How to make money from Instagram in 2022

In our last Post i have discussed about how to make money on Youtube. Now in this post you will know about “How to make money from Instagram “

Many people share videos on social media platform like YouTube, Facebook , Instagram and Tik tok etc just for fun. But there are certain people who shares video content to make money online.

Every platform has it’s own rule and criteria to earn money . Like on YouTube and facebook , you earn money from ads and sponsorship.

But in case of Instagram , the scenario is different for making money.


As i always says , to make money online , passion, knowledge and consistency is important.

If you want to make money from Instagram, you just need only one things and that is “Followers”.

You income is totally depend upon the no of followers you have on Instagram.

More followers = more money.

As there is no Ads network work on your videos on Instagram , you will get money only for sponsorship or brand advertisements according to niche.

Three factors to grow Instagram followers

To make money from Instagram in 2022, there are three important factors to keep in mind ; quality content , higher engagement and consistency .

Quality content : It is like serving people a branded item and local item. When you deliver quality content to your audience , your audience start binding with you and they start prefer to consume your content over others.

Higher Engagement: Engagement factor is a very important tool to grow your channel or page on any Social media platform. Instagram algorithm also works as per engagement factor. If you are producing content with higher engagement , than Instagram will automatically helps you to viral your posts.

So more engagement results in more followers, which ultimately results in more money.

Consistency : In my every money making post , i talk about consistency factor. To grow your Instagram page or YouTube Channel , consistency plays an important role.

Suppose you have started a Instagram page and post 1 video content per day for only 7 days and than stop posting . In this case Instagram algorithm will start to downplay your content or page with time.

So work with consistency, either 1 video per day or per week , be consistent. It will helps you a lot to grow your Instagram page.

Now after talking about growing Instagram page , let’s come back to the topic , how To make money from Instagram in 2022-2023.

So there may be many methods , but you can make money from these 3 methods on Instagram

  1. Sponsorship
  2. Sell Items
  3. Affiliate marketing


Sponsership is a major source of income for any blogger or content creator. When you get good numbers of followers on your Instagram page, you will get sponsorship opportunities from big companies to promote their products.

The earning from sponsorship is totally depends upon number of followers you have and type of audience.

As per reports , A influencer with million followrs can earn more than $600 for single post.

So , more post + more follower = more money .

Start working on building audience with you.

Sell Items

If you have a good audience base with your Instagram page, you can sell items or products directly based on your niche.

In direct selling you will get huge profit and business growth.

For direct selling , create video content with product review or product uses and sell directly to target audience.

But keep in Mind , Product should be related to your niche.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has been emerged as a best source to make money online. In affiliate marketing , you just need to recommend suitable product to your audience through an affiliate link and make money.

As per Instagram guideline , if you are unable to post affiliate link directly , than you can make a funnel to grab your target audience for sell conversion.

There is no limit to earn money in affiliate marketing. But keep in mind , recommend only those product which has best quality and help you audience. Otherwise You will loose your audience with a wrong product.

Method for affiliate marketing on Instagram is build a good amount of audience base in your niche and recommend them right product.

So at the end , i would like to say only two thing to make money from Instagram , first is ” Audience is the king” and Second is ” Quality content creation which help people”.

If you like the post , than comment in the comment box and if you have any problem for growing in blogging and digital marketing contact me.


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