Best Affiliate Marketing Programs to Make money Online in India 2022-2023 [Updated ]

If you want to make money online and searching for Best Affiliate Marketing Program in India (2022-2023), than this post is for you.

Affiliate marketing has been emarged as a good career option in online marketing. The best things about Affiliate marketing business is , you don’t have any risk. You just need knowledge and marketing strategies.

If I define Affiliate marketing in 2022, it is the smart method of promoting physical and digital products to the right customers through digital marketing and make money on every sale that convert.

Now to help you in start of your Affiliate journey , we are sharing here the list of Best Affiliate Programs to make money online in India (2022-2023).

  • JVzoo Affiliate Program
  • Clickbank Affiliate Program
  • CJ Affiliate Program
  • Amazon Associate Affiliate Program
  • Flipkart Affiliate Program
  • Worrior Plus Affiliate Program
  • Share a Sale affiliate Program
  • Hostinger Affiliate Program
  • vCommission Affiliate Program
  • Shopify Affiliate Program

JVZoo Affiliate Program

If you have interest about digital and software products , than JVZoo is the best affiliate platform for you.

JVZoo is 100% free for affiliate program. You will find best new software and digital products on this platform to promote and earn.

The good thing about this platform is you can know the upcoming launching products , so that you can apply to promote that product.

While usinhg JVZoo affiliate program , you should keep in mind that you can’t promote products directly. To promote products , first you will have to submit application to the product owner and after approval from the owner , you will be able to promote and earn.

ClickBank Affiliate Program

When we search for make money online with Affiliate marketing , the name of Clickbank Affiliate comes every where on search engines. And this is due to people trust on the platform with large product list to promote with huge commission.

Clickbank is the oldest and most used platform by Affiliate marketer to make money online. On Clickbank you can get a variety of products from almost all available category in the market.

And the best part of this platform is , it provides high ticket affiliate products to make million dollers in your pocket.

So don’t wait , just join the Clickbank and start making money online.

CJ Affiliate Program

CJ is formally known as Commission Junction. So if you are looking for alternate to clickbank Affiliate Programs, than CJ affiliate program is the one of them.

The difference between Clickbank Affiliate and CJ Affilliate is that , you can find wellknown branded products on CJ affiliate platform.

So if you promote a branded product , which mostly people know, than it make your path easy to sell the products and make money online.

CJ Affiliate program is free to join, but to promote a product , you must have to take approval from the product owner.

Amazon Associate Affiliate Program

If you are a beginner in Affiliate Marketing , than you should start your journey from Amazon Associate Affiliate program.

As we know Amazon is the biggest e-commerce platform with A to z products in every category of the market. So it is easy to choose product based on your interest.

On Amazon Associate , you will get 4 to 9% commission on product sell. So you can work on a micro niche area and promote best selling products according.

Flipkart Affiliate Program

In E-commerce platform , Flipkart is the second largest E-commerce store after Amazon in India. Like Amazon Flipkart also has wide range of products in each market category .

So it becomes very easy to promote best selling items of Flipkart and make money online.

Flipkart Affiliate program gives commission range of 1% to 18 % according to product category. So what you should do is , just pick a product according to your niche and promote it on your website and other social media platform.

Worrior Plus Affiliate Program

Worrior plus is the alternative of JVZoo affiliate program. Worrior plus has products in category of Marketing education, e-commerce platforms, industries , software , services and other digital products.

You can earn a huge amount of commission through high ticket products available on it.

Like JVZoo , you can get information about upcoming products which are going to launch on Worrior plus and promote them in advance to win the Race.

So you have to apply for the affiliate link of the products and after approval , you can promote and earn money online.

Share a Sale Affiliate Program

If you are starting Affiliate marketing for US Market , than Share a sale is the best option for you. Share a sale provides you various kind of product or programs which will gives you huge commission amount per sale.

Apart from from sale commission , you can also find some programs which pay for per lead. So that is good for you to make huge money by just providing leads.

Web Hosting Affliate Program

If you good knowledge about blogging and website building , than you should the web hosting affiliate program.

The best part of webhosting Affiliate program is that you can earn up to $200 per sale. So it makes you rich soon.

There are various kind of Web hosting companies available in the market like Hostinger, Hostgator, Accuweb hosting, Site Ground, A2 hosting etc. All of them give good amount of commission for per sale.

So you should signup for best Web Hosting affiliate program , that makes easy sales with good quality of services.

vCommission Affiliate Program

If you are willing to promote products for Indian market , than vCommission could be good choice to make money online.

vCommission offers to promote well known Indian brands , so it is easy to promote and generate sell than other affiliate networks.

vCommission has more than 100k publishers worldwide , so you can trust on the platform and offers abvailable on there.

Shopify Affiliate Program

If you want to help people n setup their E-commerce store and grow their business , than Shopify is the best tool to promote.

The best things about Shopify is , you will get recurring commission until merchant remains a paying shopify customer. So it will make you rich forever.

Shopify affiliate program offers a recurring commission equal to 20% of the merchant’s monthly subscription fee on it’s advance plan and a recurring commission equal to 10% of the merchant’s monthly subscription fee on Shopify plus plan.

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