Best Refrigerator Under 20000 in India in 2022-2023

Every modern Indian kitchen needs different kitchen appliances to ease the overall process. Refrigerators are one of those and are very essential for every kitchen. Therefore, investing in a good refrigerator is very important. Unlike ancient times, modern refrigerators come with various features that can offer a better experience to users.

Nowadays, refrigerators are available from different brands at a wide range of prices. So, you will need to choose a refrigerator depending on your requirements. Every refrigerator in the Indian market has a special design and includes unique features. Because of this reason, you may get confused when choosing the right refrigerator for your home.

To help you with this process, we have listed the five best refrigerators in India that are priced under 20000 rupees. So, you can refer to these products and choose the right one for your kitchen.

Refrigerator modelPrice Average
Review Rating
Whirlpool 215 Liter 5 Star Inverter Direct Cool RefrigeratorRs 18,9804.3/5
Samsung 198 Liter 5 Star Inverter RefrigeratorRs 173804.4/5
Godrej 190 Liter 5 Star Inverter RefrigeratorRs 16,4804.3/5
LG 190 Liter 5 Star Inverter RefrigeratorRs 15,9904.4/5
Haier 195 Liter 4 Star Direct Cool RefrigeratorRs 14,5004.2/5
Note: Price may Change with Offer

Whirlpool 215 Liter 5 Star Inverter Direct Cool Refrigerator


The Whirlpool single-door refrigerator features a stunning design that can match home décor. It is a 5-star rated refrigerator that can help you save energy and lower your electricity cost. This refrigerator can handle voltage fluctuations from 95 volts to 300 volts and can be operated without a stabilizer.

The refrigerator is uniquely designed with curved edges to offer a smooth touch. There is a sturdy and smooth handle that offers a better grip to let you open or close the door with ease. This refrigerator uses an anti-bacterial air-tight gasket to prevent bacteria and fungi build-up.

It is designed with superior refrigeration technology and comes with a moisture control system to keep your items fresh for up to seven days. It comes with Intellisense inverter technology for improved performance and reliability.The refrigerator can also be operated on a home inverter in case of power cuts.


  • The shelves are designed with toughened glass to carry the maximum load.
  • Its honeycomb moisture lock-in technology keeps vegetables fresh for a long time.
  • The magic chiller compartment chills your items quickly.
  • It can keep milk fresh for up to 12 hours.


  • Some users have received defective products.

Samsung 198 Liter 5 Star Inverter Refrigerator

best -refrigerator-under-20000-in-India-2022

Samsung is one of the most reliable brands in India. It produces top-quality products that can fulfill the requirements of different people. This is a 5-star rated refrigerator and helps save money on your electricity bills.It comes with an anti-bacterial gasket to keep your food safe from bacteria and fungi.  

It is designed to operate without a stabilizer and offers great stability and reliability. When the voltage increases, it automatically cuts the power and prevents the chances of possibilities. The refrigerator features a versatile design and can operate on a home inverter as well as solar energy.

The Samsung refrigerator has a curved design and a floral texture to enhance your experience. It comes with a horizontal curved and soft handle for easy closing and opening of the door. The shelves are designed with toughened glass for better sturdiness.


  • There is an energy-efficient lamp for a clear view.
  • Its shelves can carry up to 175 kilograms of load.
  • It comes with digital inverter technology for improved performance.
  • There is a one-year warranty on the refrigerator and a 10-year warranty on the compressor.


  • The customer service is not top-notch.

Godrej 190 Liter 5 Star Inverter Refrigerator


The next top refrigerator on this list is the Godrej 5-star inverter refrigerator. It has 5-star ratings and offers energy-efficient performance. The Godrej refrigerator comes with advanced inverter technology that offers great performance.

It comes with a large vegetable tray with a storage capacity of 20 liters. The unique thing about this refrigerator is that it comes with dry storage on the bottom to let you keep dry vegetables that don’t need refrigeration.The direct cool refrigerator is suitable for medium-sized families.

The shelves are designed with high-quality toughened glass material for improved sturdiness and long-lasting. Each shelf has a weight capacity of 150 kilograms which is enough for most applications. Moreover, there is an anti-drip chiller technology to chill your items without forming water droplets.


  • It is a direct cool refrigerator and offers great performance.
  • There is a 10-year warranty on the compressor and a one-year warranty on the product.
  • The refrigerator includes a reciprocating compressor for optimal cooling.
  • It has a 5-star energy rating and is highly energy efficient.


  • The after-sale service is somewhat satisfactory.

LG 190 Liter 5 Star Inverter Refrigerator


LG is one of the top brands in the Indian market,and its products are widely popular. The LG inverter refrigerator comes with smart inverter compressor technology for noiseless operation and exceptional performance. This refrigerator can provide stabilizer-free operation and maximum convenience to the user.

It provides energy-efficient performance and helps you save electricity. The refrigerator comes with smart connect technology to allow you to connect it to the home inverter when there is no power. This way, you can store the food for a long time with no hassle.

This refrigerator features direct cool technology of the LG brand that makes ice quickly. It comes with a base stand along with a drawer for better usability. Foods kept in this refrigerator stay hygienic and healthy because of its antibacterial gasket. Moreover, its shelves are designed with toughened glass to hold maximum load safely.


  • This refrigerator is great for families with two to three members.
  • Smart inverter technology ensures better performance.
  • Its shelves feature rugged construction to last for a long time.
  • There is a drawer on the bottom to keep dry vegetables.


  • A water dripping issue was noticed in the deep freezer.

Haier 195 Liter 4 Star Direct Cool Refrigerator


The Haier direct cool refrigerator features an elegant design that can suit any modern kitchen. It looks attractive and can improve your overall experience. The refrigerator comes with hour icing technology to make ice within 60 minutes. When you have this refrigerator at home, you don’t have to wait for long periods to make ice.

It comes with a large vegetable box with multi air flow facility to keep vegetables fresh for longer periods. There is a dedicated defrost button to enable you to defrost the ice in the freezer with no hassle. The refrigerator comes with toughened glass shelves to hold heavy pots effectively.

Another feature of this refrigerator is that it can be operated without a stabilizer.It can safely operate on low voltage up to 135 volts allowing you to use it without a stabilizer. Furthermore, the refrigerator comes with a4-star energy rating to provide energy-efficient performance and save electricity.


  • PUF insulation feature helps retain low temperatures better.
  • It has aone-hour icing technology that makes ice quickly.
  • The shelves are spoil-proof and made of toughened glass.
  • It is very easy to maintain this refrigerator because it has a sleek design.


  • Some users noticed door closing issues.

Bottom Line

Now, you know about the best refrigerators in the Indian market. So, you can select the best refrigerator for your home by considering all your preferences.We hope that this article will help you choose the right refrigerator from the market for your home.


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