How to increase Website Traffic organically in 2022

Many people start their blog with an objective to make money online with huge amount of Traffic. But most of the times they get just opposite to their expectations.

They just get small amount of traffic after doing hard work on content writing. And that is very demotivating situation.

So , if you are also struggling with “How to Grow website Traffic organically” than this post might help you to grow your website traffic.

Like you i was also struggling with this situation when my first blog was getting just 10-100 visitors a day. But soon i realize that there are many other factors in content creation which affect the Search engine ranking position and website traffic.

Without sufficient traffic , we can’t expect to earn money from our blog. The key factor to make money through website is only organic traffic.

You can buy a large number of traffic with paid programs , but that will be not good in long term. Because paid traffic only comes until you have money in your pocket.

But when you start getting organic traffic your website grows simultaneously and that traffic will be long lasting and more progressive for your website.

In this post , my object is to help you in Grow website traffic organically. So i am sharing some tips to make your content more SEO friendly to grow your website traffic.


Write Unique Content

You know when you create a unique content on your targeted keyword , than there is 110% chances that your content will be on 1st page of Google.

Many people start copying content from multiple sites and expect for organic traffic, that’s not going to happen for them.

In our schooling time , when our teacher used to ask us for Essay writing on any Topic. Than teacher used to select top 5 eassy among 50 students based on their creativity and unique information.

The same thing happens with Search Engines , they filter the content based on Keyword density , unique information and content quality.

So create unique content with quality information and creative manner to get organic traffic.

Do proper SEO with Target Keywords

If you don’t know about SEO , than you can read my previous article “Know About SEO.”

SEO is an important factor in ranking your content on search engines. SEO is know as Search Engine optimization.

There are various factors like content quality, information, uniqueness , images, videos , info-graphics, Tags etc which affect the SEO of any content.

SEO is a process to optimize your content to rank on search engines , so that you can get organic traffic on your website.

Read my article How to create SEO blog Post , to understand the process of SEO.

Include FAQs in your content

If your are creating a content keeping in mind all the questions asked by visitors on search engine , than you will definitely get the organic traffic on your website.

To find FAQs related to your targeted keyword , you can take help of Question Hub or Quora.

Adding questions related to target keywords and providing answer to that questions in unique way will help your content to rank on 1st page of Search Engine.

Make your Data more comparative in tabular forms

When you search for any product specifications data, business data, survey data or any query related to educational topics etc you will find that content on 1st pages which have organized content with info-graphics and tabular forms.

Because Google or other search engine loves to show well organized data with full information to its visitors.

So make sure arrange your data as list , tabular form or info graphics etc. That will help you to get more website visitors with high engagement rate.

Focus on Less competitive Long tail keywords

Many people make mistake of targeting highly competitive keywords due to their large volume size , but they aren’t able to rank on it and get depressed.

So i will advice you to start working on less competitive long tail keywords with large volume size. As this will help you in ranking your content easily on search engine and you will get more amount of traffic.

Make image optimization

If you are using images in your content without optimization than it will surely decrease the chances of ranking your content.

Image optimization is an important part of SEO to identify image with targeted keywords , so that Search engine can relate the images with your target keywords.

For image optimization , we just have to make “Alt-text ” for every image we used in our content.

So just make image optimization in your content to get more organic traffic.

Update Old Articles with Latest Data

In our website , when we create new contents or articles , old content gets older as archive posts like social media feeds. So when someone write about the same content, on which you have written a month earlier , with new updated data and information , than your old post ranking will be decreased.

So updating your old content with new information and data is very important part of SEO.

After updating your old content , you will see a massive traffic growth on your website.

So Keep updating your blog post on regular time interval to stay at 1st page on search Engine.

Make Guest Post

Usually we see that people approach high ranking websites for guest post opportunity to get a do folllow backlink.

So making a backlink is also an important part of SEO strategy as it helps to grow your website ranking and domain authority.

Most of the time article published by News site gets rank easily without any high quality content. That is happen due to their high domain rating and authority.

If you want to rank your article on highly competitive niche , than you will need high quality backlink to rank.

So to get more organic traffic , just start working on Guest post to make backlinks. But remember one things don’t follow black hat techniques to build backlink as this will ruin your website ranking.

Only work on white hat or genuine way of work for that.

Give Value to your Audience

When you help people by creating a valuable or problem solving content , than your content gets more attention and engagements from the users.

And higher engagement reduces the bounce time of your website and increase ranking of your website.

So just create valuable and problem solving content in your niche and see the magic of people engagement.

I think this article will help you to understand the process of getting more organic traffic on your website.

If i miss anythings , than please comment in the box below or submit your feedback.

Cheers !


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