Best Tools to Make Google Web Stories in 2022-2023

We all are familiar with social media stories that entertain us. Some social media stories are also created to share the brand message with the audience. Overall, these stories get huge success with millions of views, likes, and click-throughs.

Web stories follow the same concept, but they go beyond just entertaining or sharing the brand message. They help convert visitors to loyal customers. In simple words, web stories are sharable, tappable, and shoppable dynamic content that helps achieve high ROI and KPI.

Web stories provide an effective shopping solution for digital marketers, eCommerce businesses, publishers, and other businesses.

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What Are Google Web Stories?

After the success of social media stories, Google has launched a similar feature called Google Web Stories. It helps brands with marketing and provides newer engagement opportunities. Web stories are short videos that appear on Google Search, Google Discover, and Google Image Search on mobile devices.

These stories can have videos, images, graphics, texts, AR assets, etc.Content creators use this feature to share information in the form of short videos. On the other side, businesses use web stories to promote products & services and engage customers.

But one problem with Google Web Stories is that it can be applied toWordPress by downloading plugins. Also, it requires a bit of coding and development. This is why many people consider using some tools to create web stories.

It is easier and effortless to create web stories using online tools. In this article, we have a list of the best tools to create web stories that you can consider using.


StoifyMe is one of the top platforms for creating web stories and social media stories. It is suitable for a wide range of purposes. Ecommerce businesses, marketing agencies & marketers, bloggers, publishers, individual storytellers, etc. can use this tool for creating web stories.


  • It lets you create outstanding landing pages with a website widget and product tagging features.Also, the tool has media and stock libraries to help you create web stories.
  • There is a personalization feature to create perfect marketing funnels.StorifyMe has SEO optimization, text transformation, and content adjustment features to meet marketing and publishing needs.
  • The app has more than 100 integrations to suit different activities. It has an A/B testing facility and supports unlimited linking and sharing.
  • It has multiple engaging elements and personalization tools to create custom stories.There is a website widget for story highlights,and it can be embedded on the website with ease.

With all these features, StorifyMeis a powerful tool for creating web stories. It also has API support and provides solutions for enterprises.

Newsroom AI

Newsroom AI is another popular online tool for creating web stories. Many news companies and content creators around the globe use this tool for creating professional web stories. Newsroom AI helps users to be creative and craft well-performing web stories.


  • It has a freestyle functionality feature to let you manage an unlimited number of media, text layers, and shapes on your web stories.
  • This tool allows you to publish web stories directly from your blog or website’s domain.
  • You can monetize your web stories with high-paying ads that perfectly integrate with the story content. This is a helpful feature for people who want to make money using web stories.
  • This tool has Google Discover ready web stories and lets you see which format is compatible with your requirements. Also, it provides access to premium Getty Images photos and videos without extra cost.

Newsroom AI has a free trial for 14 days which you can use by signing up on the platform. Overall, it is a worthy tool for creating web stories, and its features make this tool more interesting to use.


Tappable is a popular web storycreating tool used by marketers and businesses. This web story creator is an excellent option for creating google web stories and allows monetizing products, services, and merchandise. Let’s now see some key features of tappable.


  • You can use free images from Tappable to make your web stories more attractive and add shopping tags to google web stories.
  • It allows you to conduct quizzes and polls on web stories to get attention from customers. It helps increase leads for your sales and marketing team by circulating lead forms directly on the web stories.
  • There are ready-made code blocks to help you create customized web stories.It also has stunning typefaces to let you create elegant text content.
  • Tappable allows you to embed links to your blog, eCommerce site, or personalized click funnels.

The free plan of tappable allows you to create web stories and host them from the Tappable domain.If you are looking for a web story creator to learn how to create web stories, you can opt for the free plan of Tappable. To use this tool for professional purposes, you need to opt for its premium plans.

Make Stories

Make Stories is a top web story creator that comes with many useful features. It has a rich library and audio feature to enable you to create outstanding web stories. You can use this tool as a branding tool for movies and concerts.


  • It allows you to add an audio effect or embed a tweet to your story.
  • Make Stories is perfect for businesses that have a team of developers.
  • Their founding team comes online on google hangouts for an hour once a week to guide customers on how to use the app.
  • This platform also allows you to connect measuring tools. It has a drag-and-drop design facility to create web stories.
  • There is a mobile app for creating web stories using smartphones and tablets.

It doesn’t have product tagging and engaging elements features,which is a drawback. The free plan of this tool is suitable for creating only web stories. The paid plans allow monetizing, hosting, and publishing facilities.

Web Stories for WordPress

For WordPress developers, this is an outstanding web story creating tool. It is a WordPress plugin developed by google, and anyone who has a WordPress website can download it for free.


  • It has several story templates to let you create web stories easily.
  • You can customize your web stories using texts, fonts, borders, hyperlinks, a call-to-action button, etc.
  • There is a detailed guide on how to create web stories using this tool. It also has best practices for SEO optimization, content creation, and troubleshooting.

If you want to showcase your creativity and design your web stories on your own, you can use this tool. People who have a WordPress site can consider using this tool for creating web stories.


Web stories are a cost-effective and high-performing SEO optimization strategy that is used by many brands and digital marketers. This technique helps showcase your brand information on google search and discover.

This way, it becomes easier to get leads and conversions for your business. To do this, you will need an efficient tool to create stunning web stories. We hope the above web story creating tools will help you create high-performing web stories for your marketing campaign and help you achieve your goals.

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