Best AI Content Writing Tool for Blogging in India 2022-2023

Artificial intelligence has a huge buzz among marketers and bloggers. Over the past few years, AI tools have become popular among content creators, marketers, and online businesses. AI writing tools help users take their blogs to the next level. These tools help increase the potential audience for blogs.

In the online world, people want to get more readers for their blog posts to increase their readerbase and eventually get more sales. In this case, AI writing tools provide multiple opportunities to grow blogs.

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So now we will look at some of the best AI writing tools for blogging in this post. You can go through each tool and see which one will be convenient for your blogging needs.


The first AI tool on our list is Grammarly which is known as the best tool for better writing. In order to increase readers for your blog posts, you need to create superb posts without grammatical errors. On the other side, it is not possible to improve your or your team’s writing overnight. Therefore, Grammarly will be helpful for you.

This tool will let you know what grammar mistakes you have in your text and gives recommendations to make your content look professional. This way, you can get the attention of more readers. It is helpful for both individual content creators and teams.

Jasper AI 

Jasper AI is an efficient AI tool to help you speed up your writing process. This tool is ideal for creating mind-blowing content to scale in various ways. It will help you write SEO-focused blog posts, books, scripts for YouTube videos, social media posts, school papers, and other content.

It supports more than 25 languages allowing you to write content in any language you want. This way, it also allows you to translate your content into multiple languages. It has a free trial,so you can try it for free to see how it does the job.

Gather Content

If you are looking for an AI writing tool that helps teams create quality content, you can try this option. This toll effectively manages people on the platform and helps create effective content that meets business needs.

Generally, it is overwhelming for businesses to organize and manage content across multiple systems with many users. But if you have the Gather Content AI tool, you can perform this task with ease. Gather Content will help you generate effective content consistently.


Uberflip is an outstanding tool for creating content and managing your blog effectively. It is a cloud-based tool that keeps the list of topics on your blog and recommends further blog posts that your readers like to read. It is a superior tool for managing your readers and keeping them engaged. Uberflip will also help you get more traffic on your blog.


Sometimes you may write excellent blog posts, but you don’t get enough views because people may don’t like them or it is not in trend. So, you should focus on creating blog posts on popular topics that people want to read online. That’s where the crayon AI tool comes in handy. It is an intelligent tool and lets you know what your competitors are doing online.

Crayon has unique features to track changes to competitor websites, analyze different types of data, and display useful insights from competitor websites. By getting data from Crayon, you can understand the content strategy of your competitors and implement those on your own blog.

This way, you can figure out which topics are liked by most readers. Then you can decide what topics will work for your blog.


Pathmatics is an efficient AI tool for creating effective content and increasing readers. This AI tool will show you digital advertisement information for many brands. There you can see the ad budget, purpose, and location of the advertisement. Then you can know where your audiences are and create effective blog posts accordingly.


In case you are looking to scale your blogging by creating more valuable posts, Acrolinx is an excellent ai tool to gowith. This AI tool will analyze your content and guides your team to follow brand guidelines and standards.

This way, all your blog posts will be in a certain standard and style. Now you don’t have to spend a lot of time editing your content for consistency. Acrolinx enables you to have enough time to create high-quality blog posts.

Bright Edge

Bright Edge is another outstanding tool for bloggers to scale up. This online tool is easy to use and adds tags, headers, cross-linking, and optimization automatically, making your writing job easier. Bright edge also recommends topics that will be effective for your blog.

The tool will help you create multiple marketing strategies to get more traffic. By consistently using this tool for your blog, you can save time and increase your ROI. It will also guide you on how to keep your audience engaged and rank your content.


Artificial intelligence writing tools are one of the best options to grow your blog. The above tools have many useful features to help you create effective content for your blog and increase traffic to your blog. So, it is your turn to decide which tool is suitable for your blog and start using it without any delay. 

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